About Intell Energy

IntellEnergy, formed in 2002, brings innovative and exceptionally efficient lighting technologies to Parking Garages and Ice Rinks Nationally. Our energy efficient lighting system “ParkLite” and “Rinklite” series offers state-of-the-art LED technologies offering significant savings with better light photometry.

IntellEnergy (over the last 13 years) installed over 130 garage lighting upgrades (over 65,000 fixtures) and over 174 Ice Rink projects using state-of-the-art lighting technology.

It saved customers over a combined 7.7 mega-watts and 6.4 million kWh annually while improving light levels. Overall color and light uniformity in all applications dramatically improved.

IntellEnergy provides the following services on typical Parking Garage and Ice Rink projects:

  • Energy audit – a no-charge inspection of existing lighting system equipment
  • Proposal – recommended design and equipment changes, including analysis of costs and savings
  • Incentives – identification of any utility, state or federal incentive/rebate programs that would be applicable to the customer’s project, and processing of all associated paperwork
  • Installation – by IntellEnergy’s expert Nation wide electrical contractors, or by an installer of customer’s choice. Disposal of old equipment and cleanup are included in IntellEnergy’s proposal costs
  • Warranty – The LED fixtures for Parking Garages have a seven (7) year warranty and the Ice Rink fixtures have a Ten (10 } year limited warranty


Why is LED a serious technology for Ice Rinks?

    1. High Efficiency - What is “High Efficiency”?
  • As car efficiency is measured in miles per gallon, Light blub efficiency is measured in Lumens per watt.
  • The amount of light produced for each watt of electricity consumed.
  • Up to 65% in Energy Savings.
    2. Long Life Cycle
  • 80,000 to 100,000 hrs.
    3. Pricing has dropped significantly
    4. High Performance Optics
  • Increased Visual Acuity
    5. Performs well in cool temperatures
    6. No Infrared or UV emissions
    7. Most Manufacturers offer 7-year Warrantees
    8. Rebate Eligible
  • Must be DLC Approved


For further information about IntellEnergy, please contact:

Bill Zak, Managing Director
T: (203) 273-5033
E: bill@intellenergy.com